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Safe Methods and Practice!

By: Gene Martin

Error fattens as it feeds on ignorance of the Bible while Bible knowledge is within the reach of all who are accountable for their actions. This lack of Bible knowledge is a matter of willful neglect and mental laziness. The Bible must be studied with interest and attention in order to be known.

It should be understood that it is just as necessary for one to be “right” religiously as it is to be religious. Since it is God whom man must please, it stands to reason that all should look to God for authority in all things pertaining to religion. God’s authority is revealed through His word, the Bible, and nowhere else is it to be found. Hence, the Bible is the only guide to faith and practice. Many pay homage by lip service to the foregoing statement, but refuse to abide by it in actual practice.

If people have a proper attitude, and seek to determine what God’s will is, there will be no difficulty in serving him acceptably. It is only when people try to make things conform to “our own ideas,” traditions and practices of the past that they begin to turn away from right paths in religion. Everyone, everywhere should beware lest they be found “worshipping in vain, teaching for doctrine the commandments of men.” (Matthew 15:8-9)

The safe method of practicing Christianity is to study the Bible diligently following a few simple rules of good common sense application.

Follow the commands and examples as the pattern is shown in the New Testament record. Always do that which by Bible authority is known to be safe and sure. Leave undone and alone all that in any measure is doubtful. Never try to force a meaning into a passage in proper context and harmony with other scriptures which teach on the same subject.

When you find out what the Bible teaches accept it just that way – as God’s word and final authority – for that is exactly what it is!

Let us always strive to please God rather than man!