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By: Ed Brouillette, July 2002

How often have we asked, or heard someone ask the question, “What does God want from me?” Sometimes this question is asked after we have suffered a tragedy in our life and are about to mistakenly blame God for what has happened due to our own doing or neglect. Other times the question is asked sincerely as one is searching God's Word for direction in this life and the hope it offers for the life hereafter. People have always needed to know what God wants from them.


God has revealed what He wants and expects. However, too often we attempt life on our own terms, and what God wants from us gets “lost” in the darkness of human wisdom and striving. Let us look at His Word, find out what He wants and then adjust our lives to His wants.


God wants our attention. People tend to forget God. In Deuteronomy 8:11, the children of Israel were warned, “Beware lest thou forget Jehovah thy God…” We are told in the context that this happens by not obeying His laws. Interestingly, we are further told that this usually happens after God blessed them materially. Has it occurred to you that we are, perhaps, the most affluent nation on earth and our living standard is much higher than most other nations? Yet, it seems to me, we are among the most materialistic people and are often satisfied with giving God the “scraps” of our lives… after we have used as much as we can on our own wants and wishes. Perhaps we need a “wake-up call” to make us ask, “What does God want?”


God wants our company. Micah 6:8, “he hath showed thee, oh man, what is good and what doth Jehovah require of thee, but to do justly, and to love kindness, and walk humbly with thy God” .

I am told that it is not too difficult to do justly and to love kindness. People expect others to be just with them, to be honest in their dealings. We constantly hear reports of demonstrated loving kindness in charitable acts. But “to walk humbly with thy God” gives them a problem. It shouldn't… no more than the other two commands. Perhaps the difficulty is manufactured by those who don't like what is implied in walking with God. Obedience to God's commands is what is required here. “How can two walk together, except they agree?” (Amos 3:3). It is simply a case of adjusting our lives to be in agreement with God and not God adjusting His commands to suit us.


God wants a life of commitment, not an on-again-off-again kind of relationship. He wants all of us. (Revelation 3:16) He wants our service in His cause; He wants a manner of life conforming to His pattern… His will; He wants our unswerving commitment. Like Paul, in Galatians 2:20, we need to say, “I have been crucified with Christ, and it is no longer I that live, but Christ liveth in me; and that life which I now live in the flesh I live in faith, the faith which is in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself up for me.”