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Your Affections!

2 Corinthians 6:11-7:1 – The Apostle Paul, responding to reports about the Christians in Corinth, is pleased concerning their repentance, as they turned away from the problems of which he wrote in the first letter (7:8-11). However, there remains an issue in Corinth that becomes the focus of this lesson. They still had affections for false teachers, that if allowed to continue, would return them to the sad state they had just come out of.

Affections or desires are a dangerous commodity, especially when born strictly from what is in our own understanding – James 4:1-6.

It is obvious from the two accounts, that there are things that we set our affections on that have the power to destroy us; and they seem to be the things we desire the most. Yet, scripture is clear that we need to set our desires/affections on something! Matthew 6:19-21, 33.

This brings us to the rhetorical questions that Paul asks in our text – Vs. 14-16. Paul uses every synonym that existed in the Greek language for joint participation in a common goal – fellowship, communion, accord, part, and agreement. All to describe that ‘IF’ we truly want to see beneficial results in our lives, our affections must in every way be associated with the ones God instructs us to have.  

All of this is preceded by Paul’s illustrative statement concerning being uncontrollably tied to these old affections. He acknowledges that they exist in us all and that they can still have power over us.

Two very powerful commands come from the concluding segment – Vs. 16b7:1.  

1.       “Come out from among them”Vs. 17. The language describes the cognition of the danger of comfortable existence with our old affections (people, places, things, etc.). Paul demands that there can be no negotiation with our old affections, get up, pack you stuff, and leave them behind.

2.      “Let us cleanse ourselves” – 7:1. It is past-time that we seriously flush out everything we thought we knew, and it is equally past-time that we begin to fill ourselves with something different.

Both sets of instructions are a ‘no prisoner’, ‘no compromise’, and ‘no negotiation’ mentality. The only way true change occurs, and spiritual maturity sets in, is that it becomes for us, warfare! To kill the old, that the new may live!!!

Read: Romans 12:2